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2000 Travels March 31

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Pack up and departure was uneventful.

On the way through Devonport, John went to the welders he’d noticed, last year, in East Devonport, to arrange for a bracket for the HF radio aerial to be welded to the back wheel carrier. He’d heard from a few other travellers that people were being pulled over for having the radio aerial on the bull bar, like ours. The welding will be done on the Thursday before we sail. He sent us to an electronics shop down the road, but John was unable to make a time on that day for the aerial to be moved – they are too busy. John later phoned the place in Melbourne where the radio was originally fitted, and he said to leave it be – that he had only heard of one case where there was a problem.

We continued on, via Frankford, to Legana.

This move saw us now having towed the van for 20,000kms.

The Legana Holiday Park had been recommended to us previously by some locals. We found it acceptable for travelling ‘vanners, but nothing flash. It did have a good amenities block. It cost $14 a night.

After setting up, we went to the PO and collected the mail. Finally, I was reunited with my photos – and pleased with them – all the ones from the south of the island.

Tea was salmon, potato and salad.

03-31-2000 to legana

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