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2000 Travels April 6

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We made an uneventful pack up and had a very straight forward drive to Deloraine.

The area we travelled through was some of the first settled in Tasmania and there was much about it that shows this heritage – old cottages, hedges between fields, grand old churches and lots of English type trees.

We did not stop at Hagley, where Dad grew up, and where my grandparents on that side are memorialised at the Anglican Church. We had visited that on the trip in late 1992.

Booked into the Apex Caravan Park – $13 a night. It was a very pleasant park, on the banks of the Meander River. The amenities were fine, but not cleaned very regularly. It was adjacent to the railway line, though and we wondered how frequently trains came by.

There were many ducks and geese trawling on the river, with an eye for hand outs.

After setting up and having lunch, decided to go for a drive out to Jackeys Marsh, where my mother grew up, and have a look around out there.

I had been out there a few times when I was younger, when an uncle owned the old family place. Felt sure I could find my way there again, but it had changed considerably. When I went there in the 60’s and early 70’s, his was the only habitation for miles and there was only the one road in. Now there were roads where they had not been before – still all unsealed though. It still seemed rather remote, but land had clearly been sub-divided.

I was not quite sure where Uncle’s old place was – or if it was still even there – likewise the original family home up on the hill that he had restored and which I had visited with mum in 1971. It all seemed very unfamiliar.

It was a really pretty valley, along a tributary of the Meander River, tucked in below Quamby Bluff, the big flat topped mountain that dominates Deloraine. Uncle’s place was so close to it that a couple of friends and I once climbed it, walking from the farmhouse.

It seemed that Jackeys Marsh had become rather an alternative lifestyle location.

I had been looking forward to showing John the old place, so it was rather a frustrating afternoon.

Tea was rice and burghul burgers, with salad.

04-06-2000 to del

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