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2000 Travels March 21

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The day was quite windy, with a mix of sun and clouds. The weather seemed definitely to have changed to autumn whilst we had been here.

We intended to have a quiet camp day, after the long one yesterday.

I walked up to the shops to get the paper.

A local man came round to see if John would sub for pennant bowls on Saturday, for Smithton. The game is at Railton – quite some distance. So John immediately began to look forward to that.

In view of travels to come this week, John decided to drive to Burnie to get the tyre/tube repaired, and also a wheel alignment done, because he had been noticing an unstable sensation in the steering, recently. My theory was that the attempt to drive the Granville Harbour Track had damaged something, but I wasn’t about to share that insight!

While John was gone, I walked up to the genealogy centre here, to try to do some research on mum’s family. Their microfiche broke yesterday! So I had to scrub that idea. I walked around the town for a while.

03-21-2000 Stanley scene.jpg

Stanley main street. The bay is behind

I went back to the van and made soup – curried zucchini – and cut up the vegies for tonight’s stir fry. Then I had a thought that P and K’s first wedding anniversary was coming up, so I walked back to the shops and bought and sent a card to them.

John returned from Burnie with some new clothes – there had been a K Mart sale and he was filling in time while the work was done. He had jeans, a windcheater, socks and jocks.

He had needed to buy a new tube. Unfortunately, the wheel alignment hadn’t fixed the steering issue, which still feels wrong at speed. So at some stage we will need to go to the nearest Landrover dealer – Launceston – for work on it. Fortunately, most of the driving we are doing at the moment is not at speed.

Tea was soup, a hokkien noodle and veg stir fry, mango.

We watched TV for a while. I wrote postcards and John worked on his next big letter.

It was even more windy at night.

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