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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2000 Travels March 17

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It was a sunny, pleasant day.

After breakfast, we drove to Burnie. Collected the mail. Went to the bank and collected our new Mastercards – finally! It has taken the best part of a couple of months. Had to arrange new PINS.

Did some shopping. Got a couple of films processed.

Refuelled in Burnie – 91cpl.

Bought some lunch in Burnie. It was mid afternoon by the time we got back to camp, having driven 169kms.

Bought fish and chips for tea.

After tea, I was outside the van, adjusting the guy ropes in the strongly rising wind, when a white 4WD stopped. It was cousin K and wife A. They introduced themselves, then chatted for a while. Then they went on to their van to have their tea.

The wind was gusting very strongly – there are gale warnings out. It is apparently the “tail” of a big cyclone that hit north west WA a few days ago. We decided to take the awning roof off altogether and put it in Truck.

At bedtime, we decided to put down the poptop van roof, as well. It made things much quieter in the wind, and we slept well.

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