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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2000 Travels March 9

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Stayed around camp in the morning.

I did some work on shares, deciding to sell off some non-performing parcels and buy some that might do better. Worked all of that out, then rang the stockbroker with instructions.

After lunch, we walked around town. Spent a couple of hours at the Museum, which was very good – not as cluttered as the one in Queenstown, and with more discipline and structure.

03-08-2000 huon pine log zeehan.jpg

The trunk of an ancient Huon Pine tree

Zeehan has some really lovely old buildings, chief amongst them the Gaiety Theatre. At one time this was the largest performance theatre in Australia and is a measure of the substance this town had in the boom days.

03-08-2000 old gaiety theatre zeehan

Gaiety Theatre Zeehan – an interesting little adjacent building

We bought some leatherwood honey – Tasmania’s speciality. Then needed crumpets to go with it!

Back at camp, took down the awning.

Tea was soup, salad, crumpets and honey.

I was rather sorry not to have tackled the Montezuma Falls walk, while we were here, but I was not game to take John anywhere near another 4WD track!!

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