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2000 Travels February 26

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There was quite heavy rain during the night, which was pleasant to hear on the van roof. As this very wet west coast area gets almost 100 inches of rain a year, this was no surprise. In the morning there was low, misty, cloud and still some rain. Visibility was poor. The weather did clear, a little, late in the day.

We decided to defer the planned drive until the weather was better, for seeing the scenery – which is the purpose of the exercise, for us.

John went back to bed.

It turned into a van based day. I did some computer letter writing, but did not yet print same. It was good to get a chance to do letters.

03-03-2000 wet day queenstown camp.jpg

Wet and misty day at our Queenstown camp

We drove to the National Parks Office and returned the track key. Collected the papers that I’d ordered yesterday from the newsagent.

Tea was roast chook and veggies. An “in” day gives me time to do such meals.

John phoned K and left a message to send mail here. He also talked to sister H, and R again.

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