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2000 Travels February 23

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During the night, the wind dropped and rain set in. It eased off towards the morning, but visibility outside was low.

We decided to have a “wait out the weather” day. This assumed, of course, that the bad weather would only last a day! Up in this country, there are no guarantees of that, even in summer. There are a couple of huts on the Overland Track that I’ve been blizzarded into, for days at a time! In summer.

Through the morning, we read the paper and lazed about.

02-24-2000 crow vs wallaby.jpg

Crow investigating what wallaby eating, by our van

After lunch, as the weather was clearing, after all, we went for a walk.

Took the Overland Track to Watersmeet, then a loop that went to Platypus Bay, on Lake St Clair. We returned along the Woodlands Track, to make a circuit of about 5kms. We were out for about two hours, but it was a leisurely walk.

Watersmeet, where the Hugel and Cuvier Rivers join, was really beautiful. The waters of both were rushing over smooth boulder beds, amongst the green of the surrounding myrtle rainforest. Much of the Woodlands Track was also through myrtle dominated rainforest and was rather lovely.

It was good exercise, to walk today, and ease out any stiffness from yesterday.

John took his little portable radio with him, and tried to listen to the Australia Vs NZ One Day cricket, at points on the walk – not very successfully. I was surprised there was any radio signal at all, up here.

Back at camp, we had early showers – to catch the amenities when they were – briefly – clean.

A lady walking past our camp stopped when she saw the 4WD radio network sticker on Truck. She told us her Victor call sign. All members have a call sign with a number; the first part identifies the State one comes from – Victorians are Victor……She travels solo in an ex-Britz hire Troopy, with a pop top. She told us that she sometimes fills in doing relief spells at the radio bases, so it is quite possible we will encounter her sometime, on the radio network. Her Troopy has two spare wheels, on fold out Kaymar frames, on the back. Good way of setting up to carry the extra spare.

Tea was fried rice.

02-21-2000 04 dusk lk st clair.jpg

Lake St Clair dusk

John phoned daughter R, who is still having job interviews. Then he read my share book for a while and played his computer games. I am trying to ration out John’s “Solomon’s Song” to make it last the rest of the trip, so read this week’s quota then went to bed at 10pm.

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