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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2000 Travels February 13

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The weather was much better today.

John worked on the van brake, which took much of the day, but seemed to go ok. He thinks a part may have been put back in the wrong way up, at the last service.

The traveller next door was an interested watcher/”helper” without being obtrusive at all. The best sort!

A lady who was staying in one of the cabins came over and introduced herself – from Sydney. They have a 19 foot Trakmaster Simpson. She said it weighs 3 tonnes! I am very glad we are not towing something of that weight about the country. We swapped “Trakkie” stories, briefly, before she went off sightseeing with her travel friend.

02-10-2000 caravan park Dover.jpg

The barbeque area and more of the caravan park

I made potato and bacon soup. We had some of that for tea, followed by cold roast lamb and vegies.

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