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2000 Travels February 2

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We were up early in order to leave at 6.30am, to drive to Hobart. Truck was to be at the Landrover dealer at 8am for its service.

The dealership was quite central, so after dropping Truck off, we were able to walk around the city, all morning, shopping and browsing.

I found a one hour Kodak photo service, to get a roll of film processed. John interrogated the girl about the quality of photos from such places. She got very defensive. It turned out that the resultant photos were awful and I will have to have them reprinted elsewhere, at a later time!

John had half an hour on the internet at the Services Tasmania centre. I’d hoped to get some decent postcards of southern Tasmania parts, but could not find any here and we did not have time to look elsewhere. I spent the half hour looking at books and maps and at some old Time magazines – pretty boring.

We had an early lunch at a food court – the usual sort of mass produced selection there, that all looked rather greasy. There was no decent bakery there, although we had passed some back in the Mall. In the end, John had four doughnuts and a coffee. I had one doughnut – oily and not nice.

Truck was ready by midday. The rear brakes had been relined. John ordered a new striker plate for the rear door; we will have to collect that one day, or on the way back through.

We went to Dick Smith because John wanted a look about there. He bought yet another new aerial for the van – $91.

Refuelled Truck at Newtown – 84cpl now.

Drove back to Dover. On the way, out the back of Glen Huon, could see much bushfire smoke. News radio said that it was in the forests out that way.

02-02-2000 bushfire Glen Huon area.jpg

Bushfire smoke Glen Huon area – from Geeveston

When he opened the back door of Truck to get out the shopping, John got grease on his new Myer shirt from where the dealer had tried to improve the door working. I was able to wash it out, but we were a bit cross about the way they had spread grease everywhere.

John fitted the new aerial he bought today and spent some time fiddling about with it. I could not discern much difference!

We had a late snack of bread and cheese when we got back to camp, so only wanted a light tea: tomato bread soup – something different! – and some salads.

John watched cricket on TV – one day semi final.

I was feeling very tired and had an early night.

We drove 190kms today.

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