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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

2000 Travels January 29

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During the night it became extremely windy, and turned into one of the windiest days we’ve had in the van.

I drove up to the General Store to pick up the papers.

The power went off for a short time.

We stayed around the van, thinking it was too windy to go driving in the forest country around here.

The annexes of some other campers blew down. John had our awning roof firmly anchored.

We watched the Australian Open tennis on TV.

Late in the afternoon, we walked around the coastline, away from the town, for a couple of kms, following the road that parallels the coast. There were houses for a distance, then farmland. In places, there were small stretches of sand – little narrow beaches.

01-29-2000 rough weather dover.jpg

Rough weather at Dover

It is so scenic here. In every direction, there are peaks and mountains in the distance, be it over the water towards Bruny Island, or in other directions. There are little islets in the bay – Hope, Faith and Charity Islands!

I cooked roast pork and apple sauce, with vegetables, for tea. It was very nice. I also made a cold beetroot and onion soup for coming days.

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