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2000 Travels January 13

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It was actually a hot day!

We left mid-morning to go to Mt Field for the day – probably a bit later than we should have left. That was due to a combination of sleeping in a bit, and then just being slow to get organized.

We went through the National Park area – headquarters and campground – that we’d previously visited and continued on the 13km road up to the road’s end at the Lake Dobson car park. This was a very attractive drive, with the vegetation changing with altitude. There is a track beyond the carpark, that goes up to the ski lodges, but it was closed off.

We had lunch in the carpark – not as bad as it sounds because the surrounding scenery was pretty good.

Then we set off to do the short Pandani Grove walk, that goes around Lake Dobson. This was absolutely beautiful – like walking in a Peter Dombrovkis calendar!

01-13-2000 lake dobson pandanus.jpg

Pandanus at Lake Dobson

That circuit was not going to take long, so at the far end of Lake Dobson, we continued on to Lake Seal, on a track that went steadily downhill and was quite rocky. There were duckboards on some marshy areas.

01-13-2000 Lake Dobson Mt Field NP.jpg

Lake Dobson

It was great to be walking in typical Tasmanian high country again – a profusion of vegetation types, lakes and tarns – big and small, little creeks, surrounding hills and peaks. It is hard to describe the Tasmanian alpine environment, but it is instantly recognisable to anyone who has experienced it.

01-13-2000 on lk webster tk.jpg

A tarn on the Lake Webster (Seal Lake) track

It became very hot, which we were not used to, here.

We had to return the way we had come. I found the walk back uphill quite hard, and actually felt rather sick in the later stages. Due to the heat, I guess. Normally, I would have managed the uphill sections much better than I did. I was really tired by the time we reached the carpark again. We walked 7.5kms.

01-13-2000 near Lake Dobson Mt Field NP

Pencil Pines near Lake Dobson

It was a great relief to sit in Truck with the air-con going.

Despite the heat and its effects, it was a great day out.

It was 7pm when we reached Hobart again, so we bought tea from Pizza Hut.

Heard that the temperature up that way was about 35 degrees, so we did not choose the best day for a hike!

We drove 173kms.

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