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2000 Travels January 1

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2000 – a new century and a new millennium

This is just a day like any other. There are no major millennium disasters apparent – unless, perhaps, you had to clean up the messes after the city revellers. One radio announcer summed it up, succinctly: “Hobart is awash in a sea of vomit!”  Having seen some of the behaviours of drunken Tasmanians, in public, this is about what I would expect. It certainly is a deterrent, for us, from going to certain events.

There was much “revisiting” coverage on TV and radio, over the day. It became rather boring, after a while.

John phoned siblings R, C and H. Daughter R. Also phoned K who was not home; John left a message to send the next batch of mail on Tuesday. I did not phone anyone.

John had discovered, last week, that the local bowls match he had entered us for, today, was for club members only, because they did not want “outsiders” taking prizes! John was quite miffed about this.

It seemed a good day to avoid the centre of town, so, after a toasted sandwich lunch, we drove the other way, to New Norfolk, further up the Derwent River. It was an attractive drive alongside the river. New Norfolk was settled by pioneers relocated from Norfolk Island in 1803, hence the name.

At a roadside fruit stall, I bought apricots and cherries. $19 worth. It was beautiful, tasty fruit.

In New Norfolk, we parked Truck, and visited the Oast House, where John went into the Museum. Oast houses were built to dry the hops that were grown in this area; the hops were used in beer brewing. It was a major industry around here and the museum in the Oast House focuses on that.

01-01-2000 oast house new norfolk.jpg

The Oast House Museum at New Norfolk

I looked at some rather indifferent art works that were on display, then left John to explore the Oast House displays, and went outside and watched a small alpaca herd – they really are beautiful creatures. These looked to have not long been shorn.

01-01-2000 alpacas New Norfolk.jpg

Freshly shorn alpacas

When John had finished in the Oast House, we walked the riverside track, back to town. This was a really pretty little walk.

01-01-2000 derwent and new norfolk

The Derwent River at New Norfolk

John was feeling increasingly poorly as the day wore on. He found the hill we had to climb to get back to Truck, very hard to manage, with several stops along the way. I wondered whether he ate something “off” yesterday? He even asked me to drive us back to the van! That meant he really was feeling very ill.

There was homemade potato and bacon soup for tea. John had a little of that. I also had salads and fresh fruit.

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