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1999 Travels December 25

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Xmas Day. Last year we were in Toowoomba. Wonder where we will be next year?

I got up at 8am, to stuff the turkey and get it in to cook. We are being more ambitious with Xmas lunch this year, than last, actually having a turkey. I cooked the bird in the van’s oven, but finished it off in the electric frypan, outside, to ensure it was cooked through.

John phoned family. Left a message on K’s machine. Spoke with brothers R and C, sister H, daughter R and left message on S’s machine. She phoned back – was actually very busy at work! She had received her parcel, via the diplomatic mail bag,  but had not opened it, so we do not yet know what she thought of the zircon earrings.

Our roast turkey lunch was very nice. We lingered a couple of hours over lunch. The SA people, from the only other van down in this section, came by, and we talked for an hour or so.

After lunch was all cleared up, we went for a walk, along the footpaths towards Claremont, looking at the houses with the water frontage. We walked for about an hour. Everywhere seemed really quiet.

Tea was light! Some cold turkey, salad and mango.

Finished up the day having enjoyed all the eating, but without feeling that I’d over done it.

Former colleague G phoned. They had enjoyed my card and the letter. They will be in Tasmania at the start of the Term 1 vacation and would like to catch up if it suits us. He said he’d phone again, closer to the time. That call was an unexpected pleasure.

We phoned P and K. They’d had a pleasant day with her family. I had to ask him to clear around the water meters in the front garden, since we had received an estimated water bill for the empty flat – because the reader could not find the meter! K and John had a cricket discussion.

I tried to phone V. Had to leave a message on her machine.

Overall, it was a pleasant Xmas Day. I miss the family, of course, but in some ways do not miss all the cooking and organizing I have to usually do for a big family Xmas.

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