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1999 Travels December 23

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After breakfast, went to the Glenorchy shops. Picked up more mail. Did the final Xmas shopping. There is only the turkey now, to be picked up tomorrow.

At the Claremont shops, where John goes to get the morning papers, we bought wine at the discount outlet.

Ate bread rolls for lunch – very late.

The mail contained a Xmas gift from H – a Tatts ticket and some gem tweezers – thoughtful. There were two $20 book vouchers from V – much appreciated.

One of the wild ducks that frequent the park has a large batch of baby ducklings – we think there are about 12 of them. Their chances of survival are not great, with seagulls to attack them, aggression from other ducks, the occasional cat about the place. I feel sorry for mother duck – she has a hard task ahead of her.

12-23-1999 mother duck at Berridale CP.jpg

Mother duck and her brood

For tea, finished the vegie and barley soup I made last Monday, and had some salad.

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