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1999 Travels December 20

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Today was a day of catching up with assorted chores, appropriate to being back in the city.

Firstly it was off to the Glenorchy shops. At the Post office, John completed his passport renewal application. There was some mail for us there – birthday cards for me from H and R, a Xmas card and letter from S, a computer solitaire game that John had sent for. I went to the Library for a fresh set of books. We renewed our Keno ticket; John bought a $50 share in a syndicate for the $21million Tattslotto draw on New Years Eve. Winning that would be a memorable way to see in the Millennium!

Whilst we were in the newsagent, R phoned. She wants to come to Hobart to visit us on 21-26 January. It is pleasing that she wants to come and see us, but the timing is not the best. We will have to adjust our plans to be here at that time. She said she had received her Xmas parcel.

I put two rolls of film from the east coast in for processing.

We did a grocery shop, including a lot of Xmas food, in order to be sure we got same before it was sold out. I ordered a small turkey from the butcher. John did some banking.

All this took much of the day, and we were glad to return to the caravan for a rest.

I had a chat with some people from SA who were a few vans along from us. They are on Long Service Leave and have been right round the continent, including up Cape York. That’s a lot of country to pack into a few short months.

At about 7pm, brother C phoned. Our card and John’s 17 page letter had hit the decks today! C and Z loved the letter and wanted a chat. Then friends E and A phoned for a talk. They were not upset that we had crossed the Simpson this year and had not waited for them. A is somewhat tempted to go back up the Kimberley way next year, so we may yet meet up for travel with them. I enjoyed hearing from them.

In amongst all this, I was trying to cook tea. This was vegie soup and pasta with garlic crumbs. I managed to get it cooked all right, but after phone calls ended up eating mine cold. It was still nice though. We followed with the last of the Tasman Peninsula raspberries. The roadside stall near here charges $5 for a large punnet. I may get some, closer to Xmas.

I read a library book for the rest of the evening.

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