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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

1999 Travels December 14

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This was our last day in this lovely place.

We took all the Xmas mail to the PO. The parcels to the offspring cost about $7 each to send. They contained T-shirts, calendars, and zircon earrings for the girls.

We played social bowls in the afternoon – it was a pleasant enough time. The day was quite warm – enough so for me to wear shorts.

We did some packing up of the camp after getting back from bowls. Got diesel on the way back, too – 86cpl.

Tea was steak, mushrooms, potatoes, beans, with raspberries to follow.

We would be leaving the Tasman Peninsula without having visited the Port Arthur ruins. We had talked about this, and for some inexplicable reason, neither of us really felt in the right mood to revisit this tragic place. The whole area is so beautiful, I guess, that we preferred to focus on the natural environment.

We had decided to have a quick trip back up the east coast, as far as Coles Bay, to explore that area a bit better, before the school holiday crowds. By the time the holidays ended, we should be heading towards the west coast, so this was really the only chance to spend any time on the east coast.

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