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1999 Travels December 6

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The mail was in. There was only routine stuff, including the share paperwork we needed.

Refuelled Truck at Nubeena – first time for a while – 84cpl. With the small distances in these parts, we are saving fuel money!

Packed lunch and drove to Lime Bay, to the north of the Coal Mines ruins. It was a really pretty little spot, with a large bush campground there. It is on a little outcropping bluff, and has a lovely sandy beach stretching away to each side.

Went for a little walk on one part of the Lime Bay beach. John retrieved a used fire extinguisher from the beach and put it in the rubbish back at camp, later.

Ate our lunch at Lime Bay, enjoying the great outlook.

Then followed the walking track from Lime Bay to Lagoon Beach, on the other side of the peninsula. This faces Sloping Main Island. Lagoon Beach must get its name because there is a sort of a lagoon area – dry now – stretching almost the full width of this narrow peninsula. The walk track paralleled its northern edge. This appears to have been created by the big sand dunes behind the beach, which seem to be encroaching on the land.

12-06-1999 Lagoon Beach dune.jpg

One of the shifting dunes at Lagoon Beach – and the meadow on the dry lagoon bed

We saw a big tiger snake – one snake walk! Just one of many wild things we saw on the walk. There were lots of skinks and devil lizards. They are scary because they don’t move until your foot is right by them – and of course you haven’t seen them until then, so a big fright ensues. Particularly because we were so alert for snakes.

There were wallabies – including one we surprised when quite close. It looked at us in total amazement for about a minute, before hopping off. There was a blue tongue lizard, and an echidna digging up the track. We saw plenty of rabbits, of course.

Birds were abundant – black cockatoos, thornbills – and we saw the rare Forty Spotted Pardalote, which we considered a real achievement.

It was an easy walk, and a most enjoyable afternoon.

Lagoon Beach was empty, with big sand dunes behind it. There was a very nice “meadow” in the dry lagoon behind the dunes.

We walked along Lagoon Beach for a way.

12-06-1999 lagoon beach

Lagoon Beach

Walked back to Truck at Lime Bay and thus back to camp. Drove 72kms today.

Tea was cold roast chook and coleslaw.



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