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1999 Travels December 3

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We did our food shopping at the supermarket in Nubeena, and also at the shops near the White Beach road junction. I had found that the fruit and vegies there are much better than the ones at the Nubeena supermarket.

Apart from that, we had a quiet day. It was very windy and so not conducive to doing much outside.

We expected mail today, but there was none at the PO when we went to collect it. John then realized that when he spoke to P on Tuesday, he told her to send it Priority Paid, rather than Express, so guess that may have made a difference. He knew what he meant, just didn’t say it!

The power went off for most of the afternoon – due to the wind, we guessed.

We could not have bought fish and chips for tea. Due to the power outage, the shop had shut! So we had toasted cheese, and sardines on toast – no hardship, as we think these are yummy items. The grill in the van stove is too feeble to do meat, but great for toasty things.

The weekend influx to the caravan park started this evening.

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