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1999 Travels December 1

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This first day of summer was a grey and windy day with some rain showers.

John really wanted to try fishing at a place that C had told him about, near Remarkable Cave, where there were rock ledges.

Remarkable Cave is just south of Port Arthur, so we went to the shop at the settlement that processes film and put in the used rolls I had.

We continued on to the end of the road, then walked down the path and the stairs to the Cave. This was worth a visit in itself, but we could not find any paths that looked safe enough to get to the rock ledges for fishing. It looked distinctly dangerous, with quite a swell running.

12-01-1999 view at Remarkable Cave.jpg

The cliffs at Remarkable Cave

The Cave is actually a cavern open at both ends. It was possible to walk into it.

12-01-1999 remarkable cave.jpg

Remarkable Cave

The view from the lookout at the top of the cave track was along the cliffs to the south, to Cape Raoul in the distance.

12-01-1999 view from Remarkable Cave LO.jpg

Looking along the coast to Cape Raoul

So, after what turned out to be just a bit of sight seeing, we drove back to Nubeena and fished off the jetty there. It was extremely windy, which took away some of the enjoyment. I caught a pike, and John caught two flathead. We also bought a fish from a fishing boat that was tied up at the jetty. So – enough for a little re-stock of the fish supply in the freezebox.

After the fishing I had time to cook a reasonable dinner. I made a barley, broad bean and pumpkin pilaf – something different. It was alright, but not as nice as I had anticipated. The recipe actually called for kumara, but I only had pumpkin, which may have made a difference.

Just as we were finishing tea, C came round to look at the van. He stayed and talked for a couple of hours. He is good company, and is obviously interested in our life style.

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