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1999 Travels November 22

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I went to the cricket with John. It cost $30 for me. I was concerned that this would be rather a waste if the match ended as quickly as looked likely. My fears were unfounded.

As John had been, I was surprised at how near the action was, how close to us the players came, and how much could actually be seen. Bellerive really is more like a country oval than a big city one, in that respect.

It was all much better and more interesting than I had anticipated. That said, one day was enough for me.

Adam Gilchrist and Justin Langer put on a record breaking batting partnership to get Australia out of an almost impossible situation. It was quite thrilling.

The match went on until mid-afternoon, with Australia winning, which was a real turn-around. So it turned out to be an excellent day for me to go to the cricket. I doubt I would see any better in my lifetime.

The only unenjoyable part of the day was the behaviour of some of the crowd who were drunk and revolting.

We went back to the van quite exhilarated.

Took down the awning and did some preliminary packing, for departure tomorrow.

Tea was broad bean and garlic sauce with pasta. It was very nice.

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