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1999 Travels November 4

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We went to my aunt and uncle’s for morning tea – to look at her family photos. There were some I’d like to get copied before we leave Tasmania, if I get a chance.

Took our packed lunch out to the Don River Heads and sat in Truck eating and looking out over the sea. The tide was out. It was very pleasant there.

Then we went driving. Took the highway west to Ulverstone, then the old coast road to Penguin. This was a wonderful stretch of road. The railway line is right beside it, for most of the way, between the road and the sea, and in parts they are both right next to the sea. In some sections, people have made gardens beside the rail line.

From Penguin, decided to visit the Dial Range, just to the south. Took the Ironcliffe Road and followed signs that took us to a car park in the forest.

From there, we walked the track to the top of the Gnomon, a sort of peak that has some decent views. It was quite a steep climb. Unfortunately, the day was rather hazy, but from the top we could see back to the coast, and to the south, towards Cradle Mountain. There was some snow on the ranges to the south. It was a decent little walk, and very pretty through the bush.

11-04-1999 Gnomon view to west, Dial Ra NP.jpg

Outlook from The Gnomon, over the so-green Leven River valley

11-04-1999 gnomon.dial range np view over leven valley

Mount Roland, from The Gnomon

Drove back to the Ferndene Reserve, that we’d passed on the way, and sat there, looking for birds. Saw a form of the blue-cheeked rosella that is found in Tasmania, and is different to the mainland ones.

My ears are still blocked from the bug, last week!

Back in Devonport, we took a beer each, and went and sat in Truck watching the ferry leave. I find it really interesting, for some unfathomable reason!

Tea was tomato soup, spaghetti with pesto from a jar, and a salad.

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