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1999 Travels November 2

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Melbourne Cup Day today.

We had another quiet day. I read, and sewed.

We had small bets on the Cup. I actually picked the winner, but John, who went to the TAB to place the bets, got the numbers mixed up and put my money on the wrong horse. However, his choice came third, so we got some money back.

After the race, we cycled around the coast to the TAB to collect the money, then around town a little.

Came back to the van and did some dinner preparation, then we rode back to the ferry area and watched it depart for Melbourne, and took some photos. It was interesting. There is a little passenger ferry that crosses the Mersey River, from East Devonport to the main town, and we watched it do a last run before the ferry got moving – totally dwarfed by the bigger vessel! The Mersey there is obviously really deep, to be able to take the ship, but as it swings around from the mooring, to go out frontwards, there is not all that much much sideways clearance for it. One hopes that future ferries do not come much longer!

11-02-1999 spirit turning.jpg

Spirit of Tasmania turning around in the Mersey River

11-02-1999 Sailing out the Mersey.jpg

Setting sail down the Mersey, destination Melbourne

Tea was potato soup, and my chicken, ham, mozzarella and tomato sauce rolls. I made two each, and we could only eat one, so there was tomorrow’s dinner, too.

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