This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

1999 Travels October 8

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John had another round with the dentist, for the final root canal work. I waited for him, in Truck, and knitted.

The repair place in Ringwood, where we took the video machine, phoned yesterday to say they could find nothing wrong with it, so we went there and took the TV for them to check, in case the fault is there.

Then we went and did some bowls practice at Lilydale.

Had our various prescriptions filled at Healesville – cost $170!!

Back at the van, I discovered that John had turned the fridge off, last night, because he thought it was interfering with his TV picture. He had not turned it back on. Again! I threw out all the defrosted meat and chicken packs, that had been sitting in their puddles all day. It was a substantial waste, and I was very annoyed. Bloody TV is far more hassle than it is worth. John was not repentant.

Tea was bought fish and chips.

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