This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

1999 Travels October 6

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We were up at 6.45am, because we both had appointments with our doctor, starting at 8.40.

John was put onto a new anti-inflammatory – Celebrex, and given anti-reflux medication. He was also given a serious order for a colonoscopy, given his siblings’ history of bowel cancer.

I had a routine test done, and some rough skin burnt off my nose – sun-damaged, but not of concern. He was satisfied with my blood pressure – 140/90. We both got new scripts written.

Continued on to Waverley and picked up the Chescold fridge – all fixed, for $60.

Then we went home. I left Dad’s ashes in my wardrobe. We left things we are not taking to Tasmania. John put the roof rack contents back up there, on the new rack. I searched for one of our warm sleeping bags, in case we decided we wanted to do an overnight hike whilst in Tasmania, but couldn’t find one, so I took a grubby, thinner one from the store cupboard in the shed.

On the way back, in Healesville, took the grubby sleeping bag, and the two lambswool seat covers from Truck, to the big dry cleaners there.

John is, understandably, quite upset at the prospect of a colonoscopy, however, I phoned and made the appointment for him.

Tea was soup, rissoles and broad beans.

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