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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

1999 Travels October 18

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Back down the highway. To East Ringwood this time, for a routine mammogram for me – just another one of those things to be fitted into the travelling life.

Then we went to various shops in Ringwood. John bought some good trousers and a casual jacket – very nice. He needs a presentable outfit for the occasional socializing we do. I bought a book about share trading. Did some browsing in a craft shop.

At BBQ’s Galore, we bought a new gas fuelled camping stove – a Coleman. The rather more flimsy one we had been using, that was a present from V, a while ago, has a broken plastic base, so is “dead”. The new stove has a powerful output, which should be better in windy conditions. It is also very strongly built, which is much more practical for the sort of use we do. It cost $109. It will work from our existing portable gas bottles.

John had his follow up appointment with the bowel doctor and received the good news that all is well. The information that he should have another check in five years was not so welcome! So at least there is peace of mind for a while.

It was a long day of “business”. I still feel less than well.

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