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1999 Travels October 15

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It was a wet day. I felt maybe slightly better than yesterday.

Back down the highway, we drove!

First stop was the dentist, where I endured the making of impressions – an unpleasant process. There has to be “something” put onto my partial bridge denture, where the extracted tooth was.

We picked up the TV and video machine from the repairer. $45 for whatever they did.

Then John had his appointment at the Croydon Day Procedure Centre. I left him there and went to Chirnside Park, made the medical claims there, bought some fish at the good seafood outlet there, and generally browsed. Bought some lunch.

I went back and collected John in the afternoon. He was alright. He had been put out to it and when he came round did not even know the procedure had been done! He wanted to go to Tandy at Chirnside for some more TV leads, then back to the van – note the TV leads took precedence!

At 5pm I drove back down the highway again, to the dentist, to collect my bridge, which now had a tooth “blob” in the area of the new hole. It felt strange at first, but soon worked itself in. I will now be able to chew again on that side, for which I am very thankful. That cost $100 – we have spent so much on the dentist since being back here.

Had fish and chips for tea.

Drove 192kms today – and none of it was for anything pleasant!

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