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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

1999 Travels September 30

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We set out today to take care of a number of things that needed doing.

Our first stop was at a manufacturing jeweller in Croydon, who had been recommended to us. He really knows gemstones – we were impressed. We ordered a ring each to be made using two of the cut zircons from Mud Tank.

Drove into the city, to Radio Parts, where John bought some new bits for the TV aerial. The quest to get a TV picture that he is happy with is a never-ending crusade for John!

Since we were not too far away, we went to Station Pier, checking out the route we would be taking the van on, to the ferry. We walked around the pier, checking that out.

Returned in the direction of home via the former SE Freeway – it was very slow travel.

We detoured to take the Chescold fridge to Electrolux in Waverley, for repair of the gas workings that failed in the Simpson Desert.

My face was very swollen and seemed infected, so it was back to the dentist. He checked other teeth and found them alright, so I was put on a course of penicillin. I was cross and unhappy.

Tea was soup for me. John had fries, bacon and eggs too.

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