This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

1999 Travels September 28

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We had late morning appointments with our dentist. He did some more work on John’s tooth.

Then it was my turn. What was to be a filling replacement turned into an extraction, because the whole tooth was cracked. My dentist had a ’97 record of this being so, but it hadn’t been mentioned by the man who did the root canal filling on it in Cairns! I felt cheated, because the root canal was therefore always doomed to failure, so I paid a lot of money for a poor service. Because of the cracks, the tooth came out in pieces, and it was not pleasant!

We drove to Ringwood so John could take the video machine in for repairs. Then we went back to the van, getting fuel in Lilydale for 73cpl.

After four hours, my gum was still bleeding. I phoned the dentist and we had to drive back there so he could stitch the wound – yet more anaesthetic. The bleeding was due to the aspirin I take each day. Not expecting to have the tooth out, I hadn’t stopped taking this – and hadn’t even thought to tell him, in the shock of finding out the tooth had to come out. But I was amazed that the aspirin has such a pronounced effect.

I finished the day feeling extremely sorry for myself.

Tea was just soup!

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