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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

1999 Travels September 22

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Another early start. We had to have Truck at the Frankston dealership by 8am.

We were lent a Discovery and were at Pakenham by 9am.

We worked on counting votes. Some of the work involved checking some of the counts done in local booths on Saturday, but a lot was sorting and counting absentee votes. The place seemed very disorganized, with people floating about doing bits here and there.

We had a thirty minute lunch break and got sandwiches at the local shops, then quickly went and checked out the local caravan park.

John had to leave at 4.15 to go back to Frankston for Truck. I could not go as we had intended, because I was part way through trying to sort out a very mixed-up vote count. Not surprising, in the muddle of the place!

So John went to Frankston, collected Truck, then came back and we worked until 11pm. It meant extra money, as we were paid by the hour, but was very tiring.

We had a tea break and bought fish and chips.

Then it was the long drive back to Mornington – and in fog.

We had already decided to move the van to Pakenham tomorrow, because this vote counting may last into next week.

The new roof rack was put on Truck, at the dealer’s. It is much better than the original one, because it has a mesh floor, rather than just cross members. This is going to make it much easier to pack.

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