This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

1999 Travels September 20

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We drove to home. Got a later start than intended because John slept in.

We pruned the kiwi fruit vines – heavily. Left the clippings piled up in the vegie garden. They are such rampant plants that they must be pruned every year, or they grow all over the roof and displace tiles. Hopefully, when they have dried out a bit, K will pile them up and burn them.

The work had not been finished before it was time for John to go to the dentist, for his 2pm appointment, and he was annoyed about that.

While he was in the dentist – for ninety minutes – I went back and finished the cleaning up after the pruning.

John was a little shaky after the dental ordeal, so I drove back to Mornington – in heavy traffic.

We left the contents of the roof rack in John’s shed, at home, because we are finally going to get the new one, under warranty.

Tea was soup.

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