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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

1999 Travels September 18

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We had an exceedingly early start, as we had to be at a school near Berwick, by 7.30am, and that was about 50kms away. The early morning was very cold, too.

John was allocated to be a standard polling booth official, checking people’s names and address and marking them off on the roll, and handing them voting papers.

Because I’d done election work a number of times before, and knew the ropes, John’s niece had me work with her on the absentee votes and deal with those whose names could not be found on the electoral roll. We were abnormally busy as it is apparently a confusing area and many people came in to vote, thinking they were enrolled for the Berwick electorate, but in fact were in Dandenong. I think there may have been an electorate boundary change, recently?

It was a long day, and tiring. We are not used to work! John’s niece and her husband were in charge of the booth, and it ran very smoothly – unlike some I have experienced! We were out by 9pm, which is pretty good as these things go.

The drive back to Mornington was tedious, in the dark and cold.

We had a very late tea of pizza.

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