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1999 Travels October 3

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After breakfast, we drove back into the city – to go to the annual Woodwork Show at the Exhibition Centre.

Refuelled Truck on the way – 70cpl.

We hadn’t been to “Jeff’s Shed” before and found that impressive, in that it is very suited to the exhibiting function. There were sufficient ticketing points so we didn’t have to queue for long. But the floor gets very hard after a while of walking and standing around on it!

The show was much more interesting than I had expected. John found a book on walking stick making that he’d been looking for, for a while. There were, of course, lots of the latest machines there, for him to dream of having, one day!

From there, we drove to Brunswick, to a specialist print gallery to see my brother’s latest exhibition. It was the last day, so we were lucky to catch it. He’d sold most of the exhibits, so did really well with the small monotypes that are his latest direction. They are very “moody”.

After we’d finished looking around, we had coffee with brother, and arranged to have dinner at their place, in a couple of weeks.

Back to the van. I was conscious that there were two small chickens to be roasted, and time was getting on. It was fortunate that they were small, because I managed to have dinner ready about 7pm.

I phoned a couple of friends, to arrange to catch up, while we are here.

We got fuel in Lilydale, this morning, on the way through. We are really using up the diesel with all the city driving. Did another 152kms today.

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