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1999 Travels September 15

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The funeral of John’s sister was held today. It was rather harrowing, especially afterwards, when a family “wake” was held at the home of another sister. There was much reminiscing and recollection, as one would expect. Being a relative newcomer to the family, a lot of it did not mean much to me. But, even on such a day, the family alliances and antagonisms still surfaced. I think these are so much greater in large families.

N’s will was read. She had obviously put a lot of thought into this and people felt they were dealt with fairly. She had prepared a parcel of mementoes and wines from her cellar for each sister and brother. John received the opal pendant that had been the family’s 21st present to N. He thinks he will give it on to R.

I was able to take a rare photo – all the ten surviving siblings together, because brother C and sister M had come from their respective interstate homes.

Back at the van, our tea was leftover party pies, from the wake, and pizza from Monday night.

I think, on balance, that it is good that John has been here to be part of the family at this time.

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