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1999 Travels September 2

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Today was a hot day, and a fairly quiet one for us.

We read in the morning.

After lunch, walked around town, browsing in a number of shops.

I went to the Underground Book Shop, where I found and bought, of all things, the latest edition of the Lonely Planet Guide to Tasmania.

09-02-1999 21  underground shop.jpg

John bought two triplet opals, with nice colour, for $50. Coober Pedy opal has a milky white background, with colour flashes.

09-01-1999 20 Coober Pedy scene

Coober Pedy scene – old mines, dugout entrances, mining gear

We spent some time in the Desert Cave Hotel, wandering about and reading the information in their underground corridors – interesting. It is a rather upmarket place.

09-02-1999 18  bits of first truck and breakaways.jpg

The first tree seen in Coober Pedy – made from scrap iron!

We bought fish and chips for tea. Whilst out, John filled Truck – 84cpl.

John’s daughter phoned. They discussed the ceremony to do with her qualification as a lawyer. John feels he should try to attend this, but she did not seem all that keen.

John played computer games till 3.30am.

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