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1999 Travels August 28

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After breakfast, I went to the Office and extended our stay by a day. It is hard to work out the charging in this place. Now the fee is $19 a day – $17.10 after discount. I am wondering if the person who booked us in, originally, hit a wrong key?

We went and did grocery shopping for the coming trip south. As we are making this up as we go, I am not sure when shopping will be possible again.

John fiddled with the TV booster and aerial, and thinks he’s found a fault. He has been doing this for 18 months! Sometimes the picture is good, sometimes it is bad. Seems to me that this is the way of such things for travellers. Guess I don’t really care enough about TV for it to worry me.

After lunch, John went to bowls.

I washed the van floor and cupboards, also did the floor rugs – by hand, and a lot of hankies!

Read the Age that I’d bought this morning – it is good to have that again.

John enjoyed his bowls, even though there were only three playing. He has been very disappointed with the bowls scene in Alice.

Tea was roast chicken and vegies. Very nice – tonight we have an appetite back.

Watched swimming on TV.

The nights are chilly again – we had a warmer night spell for a little while.

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