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1999 Travels August 25

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John woke up feeling poorly today, but was determined not to give in to it. I think I am a little improved.

I did washing – three big loads. The weather is hot, so there are no drying issues.

We went to the gem cutter’s place and saw six of our stones that he had already cut: two pairs of garnets for earrings, one bigger garnet, and the big zircon. All are lovely. There are five pairs of zircon earring stones still in the making, and two other zircons – maybe for rings? We showed him the four garnets previously rejected by his wife as too dark to cut, and spun a yarn about “finding” them in a pocket of John’s in the wash. He says two will cut, so we left them there. It was smart to ask his opinion, after all. All this work will cost about $500, which we think is reasonable.

We then went to their gem shop in town, and chose plain claw earring settings for all the earring stones. All the girls will get earrings for Xmas! I bought myself an ironstone and garnet bracelet, for $13.95, because I really loved it. She has some great things there. Her blue topaz items are inspiring – but that’s for later. The chunks I found at O’Brien’s Creek last year, have been left at home.

We picked up the mail from the Post Office. It contained a very large phone bill, from July – mostly due to John’s calls to his sister and daughters. There was a letter from friend T – nice to hear from someone!

I picked up the seven lots of printed photos and am really pleased with them. They cost $111 to have developed and printed. They are a great record of the trek we have just done.

At Coles I did a food shop, and bought enough meat, on special, to fill the van’s little freezebox.

That was quite enough activity for us in our current states, and we rested up at the van for the rest of the day.

Tea was some salad and potato – neither of us had much appetite.

Not to be deterred by the phone bill, John phoned sister H and had a long chat.

Watched some more of the swimming, on TV. We both enjoy watching this.

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