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1999 Travels August 21

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After the day “off”, today was another driving one, and to be first of several.

Refuelled at Birdsville – 92cpl. Quite a drop from what we had been paying.

Today’s drive was northwards, through rather featureless and monotonous country, much of it stony, flat, plains.

After leaving Birdsville, we stopped at the stand of Acacia peuce (waddi) trees, a few kms to the north. These trees are rare now, so the site is noteworthy.

08-21-1999 01  acacia peuce waddi.jpg

Acacia Peuce – Waddi – trees

Another stop was at the Carcoory Homestead ruin. This was built in the late 1800’s. The pastoral property was, for a time, part of the Kidman empire, but was abandoned due to drought. The ruins were stark in this harsh country. It is hard to see how cattle survive in such conditions, but cattle there were, in the area.

08-21-1999 03 cattle country around Carcoory ruin

Cattle grazing on arid country near Carcoory ruin

08-21-1999 02 Carcoory ruin former Kidman property

Carcoory ruin

We stopped beside the road, outside of Bedourie, in the sun. Shade and pleasant places were hard to find. We should have continued onto Bedourie, though, where at least we could have parked by Eyre Creek and had something of interest to look at, while we ate.

John did not enjoy the drive. This type of arid country is not a favourite of his. There were several detours in place, where we had to slow down, due to road making activities. The sealed sections of road are being extended.

We reached our destination of Boulia mid afternoon. Just drove through slowly. Stopped to buy some frozen fish, and other oddments. John bought a small cask of wine at the pub – it was $20.

Boulia seems an adequate little town, by a fair sized river – the Burke.

Booked into the caravan park – $10 for the night. The amenities were in an Atco type building. This was a strange arrangement inside, with very little privacy. But, overall, the park was quite pleasant.

08-21-1999 Boulia camp

Boulia camp

The park is by a waterhole in the river. There were quite a number of water birds on it.

Tea was tinned soup, fries and the oven fried fish I bought today. It cooked alright in the frying pan. We enjoyed the meal, but couldn’t eat it all – the fish was meant to serve four.

We were camped next to an elderly lady artist and her husband. After tea, she came across and chatted/argued with John, over a wine or two. She’d had a fascinating upbringing in northern SA and the NT, some seventy years ago, with an independent mother. She is a very outspoken lady! She and John clashed over a few things, but finished up friends. We certainly meet interesting people on our travels.

08-22-1999 02  butcherbird.jpg

Boulia butcher bird

There was obviously something on in town tonight, as there was much traffic coming in, past the caravan park, between 7 and 8.30pm. There seems to be a surprising number of motor vehicles in the district to the east of here!

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