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1999 Travels August 9

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The coach camp groups were up at dawn and made heaps of noise around the amenity block, so woke much of the campground. But it was too chilly to get up then, unless one had to. John eventually got up at 8, I had a rare sleep in, until 9.

We had decided to tackle the 5km Mpaara/Ampitheatre walk today.

After breakfast, took the walk track the half km or so, to the start of the walk, bird spotting as we went. Saw teenage and female Splendid Wrens, but no sign of a male one. Of course, it is the males who have the brilliant blue and purple plumage, the others are dull by comparison, with just a blue tail.

The track took us across to the Finke River, then along this to the Glen of Palms.

08-09-1999 02 the Finke R and start of Glen of Palms.jpg

Walking beside the Finke River towards the Glen of Palms

08-09-1999 01 glen of palms view to ampitheatre

At the Glen of Palms, looking forward to where we are going

There, we left the Finke for a tributary valley and climbed steadily and steeply up this to a sort of saddle on a ridge. The view from here, over the Ampitheatre towards Palm Creek – ringed by rock walls – was stunning.

08-09-1999 04 view down to glen of palms ampi walk.jpg

Climbing up – looking back down to the Glen of Palms and the Finke River

08-09-1999 05 Palm Valley Ampitheatre walk top view 1 LHS.jpg

From the saddle, this was the scene looking to our left…….

08-09-1999 06 Palm Valley Ampitheatre walk top view 2 Nxt from L.jpg

…….then panning towards the right…..

08-09-1999 07 Palm Valley Ampitheatre walk top view 3 in from R.jpg

…….and more to the right, seeing why it is called the Ampitheatre……

08-09-1999 08 Palm Valley Ampitheatre walk top view 4 RHS.jpg

………finally, right around to Palm Creek in the distance. We go down there

The track then descended the ridge face and crossed flats to Kalarranga Lookout.

08-09-1999 09 Palm Valley Ampitheatre walk looking back.jpg

Looking back

It was a rough walk in places, but John’s legs were ok.

We had a slightly late lunch after an exhilarating walk.

In the afternoon, we read for a while. John fiddled with the GPS, entering locations for tomorrow’s trip along the Finke. We took down the tarp, late in the afternoon, and packed it and the poles away.

Tea was packet soup, bacon, egg, potato and salad.

It was a very cold night. We had to get out the polar fleece jackets!

There was a crescent moon and brilliant star display.

We had a good night’s sleep after the exercise of the day.

08-08-1999 palm valley terrain.JPG

Palm Valley terrain. The dotted lines show our walks

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