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1999 Travels August 7

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We got up at 8am. It was quite warm by then, but cloudy.

Spent some time chatting with a couple with two primary age children, from North Ringwood, not far from home.

Walked the Kalarranga Lookout walk – only about 1.5kms and quite easy. There were very good views down the Palm Creek valley, and over the Ampitheatre in the central valley.

08-07-1999 01 view over Palm Ck valley from Kalaranga LO.jpg

The Palm Creek valley from Kalarranga Lookout

08-07-1999 03 Palm Valley on Kalarranga lo.jpg

On Kalarranga Lookout

There was a crew filming something on top of the Lookout. It was a pleasant little circuit to walk.

08-07-1999 02 view over Ampitheatre from Kalaranga LO

Looking over The Ampitheatre from Kalarranga Lookout – with some palms

Had lunch back at the tent.

Then we had a relaxed afternoon, just enjoying being in the bush surrounds. There were a lot of other campers came in through the afternoon, and by dusk there were few sites left. Somehow, we lucked getting in here ahead of a crowd. It is so good to be away from the town again.

During the afternoon, darker clouds started coming in and a wind blew up that became quite strong.

John started reading a new book – Cry of the Curlew – that we’d bought in Alice as our wedding anniversary present (early). Part of our camp set up was a sort of “verandah” for the tent – a tarp on four poles. so it provides shade a shelter – an outdoor living area!

We had our showers mid-afternoon, while there was still hot water left.

Tea was steak, mushrooms, potato, zucchini.

By 8pm, the camp area was very crowded, as visitors continued to come in, and campers had filled up the coach area too. Two showers and toilets per gender are not really sufficient now! I guess this may partly be because it is a weekend, and the place is not too far from Alice. Possibly not the best planning on my part – might have been better to wait till after the weekend.

There was no check made, that I could see, by staff, over who had paid, via the honesty box system. I wondered how many had not bothered, thinking they could get away with it.

Early night, for us. The night was cold, so there was not a great incentive to sit outside for too long.

08-07-1999 palm valley.JPG

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