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1999 Travels August 1

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We were up at about 8am. Left at 10, which was not bad, considering that we had not done a great deal of pre-packing, and we’d been here nearly a month. I would not have predicted that we would have been here for nearly this long! It is a measure of the really pleasant camp ground and the draw of the wonderful range country, more than the mining itself. It has been a great stay.

We called in at the office to say goodbye. The owner showed us a zircon that he’d found in 1986, that he had just cut for a German tourist – $900 worth. It was a wonderful purple colour. We decided, very early in our stay here, that we would not get our finds cut here, because that can be done more cheaply elsewhere.

08-01-1999 leaving Gemtree.jpg

Goodbye to Gemtree

Topped up the fuel at Gemtree, to be on the safe side. 99cpl.

The skies looked quite threatening as we left Gemtree, but remained as cloud only, with no rain.

It was an uneventful drive back to Alice Springs, but not boring, with the distant ranges ahead and to the sides.

We went back into the McDonnell Ranges Caravan Park – $17.10 a night, after Big 4 discount.

Set up. Had lunch. Then it was off to the shops to stock up on things we had run out of. Wine was one of these.

In the car park outside Coles, there were several aboriginals – of both genders – begging shoppers for money. There are no security services on duty on Sunday, it seems – usually they patrol the carpark. When a couple of individuals – separately – asked us for money to buy food, John offered to go and buy them something to eat and bring it back for them. They swore at him! Not so hungry, after all – just thirsty!

Tea was soup, rissoles, vegies.

We have TV again. Has been a pleasant break from it, for me!

I phoned K to report our location, and John phoned daughter S.

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