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1999 Travels July 17

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Today was a camp based day, after the activity of the previous two.

John was well into reading a suspense novel I had finished with, and read for most of the day. He also sorted through stuff that he had “filed”, looking for tax relevant materials. This made him grumpy!

I sorted the garnets from the other day. There may be a few cutters amongst them. I was disappointed with the lot from the top site though, as they were mostly fractured. Apart from that, I read and wrote up the diary.

07-10-1999 correa wild.jpg

Local wild correa, or native fuschia

The new people at the back, who were roared at last night, turned out to be C and A, the couple with the two young girls and the broken camper that we had helped out on the Mereenie Loop Road. They had recognised our van when they came in yesterday, but decided to wait until daytime to catch up with us. They gave us a 6-pack of beer as a belated thank-you for our previous help. We chatted for some time. C had gotten sick of Alice Springs, too, and they’d had a few days camped out at Ormiston Gorge, which she said was great.

We had an early roast chicken dinner, then went over to play paddy melon bowls at 8pm.

You get one melon, with your name written on it in texta. They play several rounds – men Vs women. You queue up and take it in turns to heave your “bowl” at a big one sitting in the middle of a circle, some distance away. Those that end up in the circle, score. It is a damn sight harder than it sounds! Paddy melons are uneven shaped and very hard to direct. The men won!

07-17-1999 bowls.jpg

John playing paddy melon bowls

Damper was served afterwards. We had one little piece, which was all we felt like, and then went back to the van. The night was quite chilly.

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