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1999 Travels July 15

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With a full tank of fuel, we set out to drive the Pinnacles Bore track to the Arltunga road and then back along the Cattlewater Pass track – a circuit.

We had to drive out to the Mud Tank fields first, then kept going – south west for a while, then south, then south east. It was interesting country, always with hills and ranges somewhere, and a fairly good track. South of Mud Tank there were rather dramatic outcroppings of quartz in the hills.

07-15-1999 01 looking sth from bore tk near mud tank.jpg

Where we are going – looking south from Mud Tank

07-15-1999 02 Pinnacles Bore Tk quartz outcrop.jpg

A quartz outcrop by the Pinnacles Bore Track

We stopped a lot to look at birds. Saw the Australian Buzzard in the wild.

Another stop was at the Pinnacles Bore – by Gillen Creek. This is cattle country, though for much of the way the pickings looked fairly meagre to me. The stocking rate would be pretty low, I reckon. But the little mob of cattle we saw at the Pinnacles Bore looked in good condition.

07-15-1999 03 the Pinnacles Bore.jpg

The Pinnacles Bore – and a Pinnacle

Further on was another stop. This time it was to pick two bucketfuls of paddy melons, for the caravan park. There was a notice up at the Office saying they needed more, for the weekly paddy melon bowls.

07-15-1999 07 paddy melons pinnacle bore tk.jpg

Gathering paddy melons from the side of the track

We ate lunch in the dry bed of the Hale River, near The Gardens HS, watched by more cattle.

07-15-1999 08 lunch at Hale River.jpg

Having lunch in the bed of the Hale River

This was arid country, very stony and quite different to the Gemtree area. Nonetheless, it had a dramatic beauty and was always interesting.

07-15-1999 05 Narbib Ra near The Garden.jpg

The Narbib Range

I had the think that the name “The Gardens” was an irony!

07-15-1999 06 the garden area

The Gardens property

Took a rough track, looking for the remains of the Winnecke Mine, where there were supposed to be some ruins left from gold mining days. But our map was vague. We drove 11kms – slowly. It was interesting country, but we didn’t see the ruins and I am not even sure we were on the right track.

07-15-1999 09 Mt Laughlin

Mt Laughlen

07-15-1999 10 georgina gap.jpg

Georgina Gap

By the time we retraced the way back to The Gardens track, it was too late to continue around the circuit we’d planned – since the 4WD Cattlewater Pass track was supposed to be slow going. John was not happy about it, but I persuaded him to go back the way we had come, past The Pinnacles bore. As it was, we got back to Gemtree at 4.30pm. Earlier, he’d said that was the time he wanted to be back. Had we continued on, as planned it would have been after dark when we got back. Not the time to be out on these tracks! So I thought we’d made the right decision.

The managers were very pleased with the paddy melons.

We drove a total of 177kms.

Tea was soup, rissoles, snow peas, cauliflower with cheese sauce. That is the last of the pea and ham soup.

I loved today’s drive and the country we traversed – elemental, mysterious in parts, beautiful. After Mud Tank, we saw no other people – exploring this country without others about adds to the experience.

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