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Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

1999 Travels July 9

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It is so nice to wake up “in the bush”, as opposed to the urban-ness of the conventional caravan park. So far, I really love this place.

We had a camp-based day.

John made a shaker stand for the gem sieve – very clever – and a big sieve tray, like we saw at Rubyvale. The materials were bought in Alice Springs, before we left there. He felt a great sense of achievement. Looks like we will be getting serious about these gemstones!

07-09-1999 Gemtree shaker stand welding.jpg

John making a shaker stand – to make life easier on the back

07-09-1999 John making fossicking gear Gemtree.jpg

A large sieving tray in the making – this will increase the amount of dirt we move

I watched his work, and read.

I made steak and kidney stew for tea, with suet dumplings (from a suet mix packet) – much to John’s delight.

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