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1999 Travels July 11

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I did washing this morning, after breakfast, while John made potato bread – six small rolls and a loaf. We had the rolls for lunch.

After that, went for a drive to do a bit more exploring of the area around the garnet fields.

We followed the same route as yesterday, but instead of turning off the track into the little creek bed, continued on south, towards the back of the fields, then looped around. We saw some more areas of diggings and saw some people working there. In some places there  were little flakes of garnet on the ground.

We found a hill area with some great views; I took some photos there.

07-11-1999 02 Mt Riddoch garnet fossicking area.jpg

Beautiful country out in the FA9 area

07-11-1999 03 Mt Riddoch.jpg

Mt Riddock. The FA9 area is on Mt Riddock Station

We did not do any fossicking today – just went for the drive! Covered 96kms. As we came back in past the Office area and fuel pumps, noticed that there was a sign attached to the diesel pump – that it was out of order. That is bad luck for passers-by, who might be relying on Gemtree to get fuel to continue on to Alice Springs!

Tea was pea and ham soup, which was very nice, followed by sausages, bread and some vegetables.

I wanted to phone K to tell him to send mail so we can pick it up next Friday, in Alice. There was a queue for the phone and I had to wait for ages. We did not have a lengthy conversation, because of the cost and the people waiting behind me, so back at the van, I started a letter to him.

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