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1999 Travels July 5

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Thought we’d need a quiet day, today, though the muscles and bottom are not as sore as I expected.

We did a big supermarket shop, to prepare for a week, maybe two, out at Gemtree. This is a caravan park and camping ground, some 150kms north east of Alice Springs, on the Plenty Highway, which runs east to Qld. The rationale for the caravan park here is the nearby Mud Tank Zircon fossicking area. While some fossickers rough camp on the actual field, there are no facilities there. Gemtree provides the promise of some creature comforts. We hope to find some zircons.

Picked up the mail from the Post Office and sorted it. There were two letters for John from sister H, but no personal ones for me. It is always a bit of a let down when that happens. There was a postcard from H and C, from India; they are up high in the Himalayas.

I completed some share paperwork and we went back to the Post Office to mail it off.

Bought a Territorian Lottery ticket – these have a big prize. Maybe……..

I collected the most recent film, put in earlier for processing. The Kodak place here does a good job.

Back at camp, John filled the van’s water tanks. There is only bore water out at Gemtree and they ask travellers to bring their own potable water.

I will be quite happy to leave Alice Springs, as I am feeling quite bored after three weeks here. It was too long. Two weeks would have been better, though the time did allow us to hide away from the really cold weather spell.

Tea was soup, lamb chops with vegies.

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