This Adventurous Age

Adventures travelling and working around Australia.

1999 Travels July 3

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After breakfast, we made a quick trip to the shopping centre, which also netted us the weekend papers.

Had leftover pizza for lunch, leaving the pasties for tea. Still on a pastry binge!

John went to bowls in the afternoon. Again, it was a small attendance – bowls seems to be battling in this town – but he was happy with his game.

I read the papers, cooked a batch of barley and vegetable soup, listened to music on my CD player – this latter is a luxury for when I am alone, as John prefers to have TV on when he is in the van.

After tea, we heard the fireworks display noise and went outside to watch. It was an excellent display, however I did wonder whether all the loud thumps and reverberations – which we could feel – would bring down any rocks in the Gap! I didn’t know whether this display was one deferred from the 1st, or a different one associated with the Show. Maybe they do the fireworks at a different time to those of Darwin?

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