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1999 Travels June 8

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I was up at about 8.45. John slept till 9.30. He was not in the best of moods.

After breakfast, he went back to his computer game.

I went for a walk, all round Yulara village. It was a beautiful, blue-sky, sunny day, and the walking was great.

After lunch, we went for a drive back out to the Rock and sat and watched people climbing it, for a while. We do not seem to get bored with speculating which of those who set out will turn back when the chain is reached and who will go on. The chain is fixed in place, at about waist height, to steady walkers and to help them haul themselves up the very steep section here. It is also the place where there is an almost vertical drop off, beside the chain.

The varied attitudes to the climb, that can be heard, are also interesting – from gung ho bravado, to tentative. We noted that the gung ho ones were over-represented in the turn backs.

06-07-1999 19 olgas late afternoon.jpg

The distant Olgas in the late afternoon

06-07-1999 20 Ayers Rock from Olgas rd.jpg

Ayers Rock as seen from near the Olgas

After that, went back to Yulara village and shopped for food. I mailed a 50th birthday card off to my brother.

During our time here, I have chatted a couple of times with ladies on the check outs at the supermarket. Most of them are travelling the country, like us, and are just working here for the short term. I do like Yulara. It would be interesting to work here for a while, at some future time. I have seen a few job ads displayed around the place – for example, entry station attendant at the Park. I would like that one!

Refuelled Truck – still 90 cpl.

Did the usual preliminary packing up.

Tea was kumara soup, pizza, banana and yoghurt.

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