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1999 Travels June 10

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We got up about 9am. We certainly seem to be sleeping in later these days, possibly because it seems to get light later. It is a big contrast to this time last year, in Qld, when I was waking so early.

After breakfast, I did three loads of washing, including the sheets. At $2 a load, it was 40cents each time cheaper than at Yulara. It was a sunny day with a strong breeze – good for drying.

It turned into a puddling about type of day.

John did some work on the TV aerial and checked the Truck batteries. I washed the van floor. We just relaxed in the sunshine and relative quiet of the camp ground.

Later in the afternoon we drove out to the west, on the unsealed Mereenie Loop Road, for about 25kms, to a little way beyond the National Park boundary. The country was interesting, with the dissected ranges in the distance. We spotted a brown falcon – a new bird for our records.

06-10-1999 george grill range.jpg

The George Gill Range, seen from Mereenie Loop Road

We were passed by a couple of carloads of aborigines, heading east towards the Resort – wondered if this was due to it being pension pay day? They seem to drive very fast.

We went back to the Resort and the shop. Newspapers here only come in on Wednesday and Sunday. Supplies at the shop are expensive. I bought a roll of film, which at $7.50 for 24 exposures, is much more than I am used to paying. Also bought postcards and magnets – one for me and one for P, who is collecting them.

Tea was tinned mushroom soup – which I managed to boil over onto the stove! Then chicken breasts done Greek style, potato and zucchini, followed by the ever reliable yoghurt.

06-09-1999 desert dusk light Kings Canyon.jpg

Dusk light on the Range from the campground – the gradation from pink through purple to blue is typical of Central Australian dusk

After tea, I wrote a letter to a friend. John tried to phone S, from the camp ground phone box, but couldn’t get through.

There was a large Britz hire camper parked behind us today, with Japanese occupants. Apparently, they were filming a feature or advertisement on Japanese camping in Australia. They had pre-cooked food, but filmed to make it appear they were cooking it! They set up the camp ground provided table for dining out – after moving it from near us – but soon abandoned that venture as the late afternoon chill set in. They were very noisy. They departed with their camper about 11pm. John said they came back later, after I was asleep and they were quite noisy then, too.

It was a cold night. I went to bed about 11pm. John played his computer game till 4 am.

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