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1999 Travels May 31

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We did not get up very early this morning, and it was after 9am before we got going. We have driven today’s section of road before, so perhaps did not feel any great sense of urgency to get going.

Refuelled before we left the roadhouse – 93cpl.

Before we left, I phoned the resort at Yulara to book us a powered site from tomorrow. There seems to be so much traffic going north that I want to be sure of getting in there.

It was pleasant driving. The highway was in good condition. The country was fairly flat, with occasional low hills in the distance for some variety. Watercourses were wide and shallow. The country seems to have had some rain and there is plenty of roadside shrubbery. It may also be that the absence of rabbits since calicivirus was introduced a few years ago, is having an effect.

We were stopped, about 109kms north of Marla, by a young man who had been driving a Subaru. He’d had an accident when he got into the gravel at the roadside, blew the tyres on that side, hit a fencepost and stove in the side. He told us a motorist had stopped, then continued on, with a promise to report the accident and send help from Kulgera, but that had been a while ago and Kulgera is only about 60kms north.

Then a passing south bound driver stopped to see if all was well. He told us there was no tow service at Kulgera, so the nearest service would be from Marla. John used the Radphone to call the police at Marla and they said they would see to a retrieval. It is great to have the HF radio to use at such times.

The driver seemed alright, so we went on our way. He’d told us that he was on his way to start a job at Yulara, so this was tough luck for him. However, he was fortunate not to have been severely hurt, as the road was banked up quite high at this point, and he could easily have rolled right off and over several times.

The rest of the trip to Erldunda was uneventful, apart from crossing the border into the NT at Kulgera. This is now five States/Territories we have been in, so far, this year!

Booked into the Erldunda Desert Oaks Roadhouse caravan facility. It was quite adequate, but expensive, at $18. Like Marla, it filled up greatly, later in the day. We had decided that we’d break our trip to Yulara here, rather than drive over 500kms in a day. We are not in a hurry!

Found there was no fresh milk to be had here. It is not a place one stocks up at!

We went for a walk around the caravan area, then just rested around the van for the rest of the afternoon.

Tea was soup, then pasta with a creamy sun dried tomato sauce. I thought it was alright. John didn’t comment!

We have some TV again.

05-31-1999 marla to erldunda

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