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1999 Travels May 12

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The sky was blue again this morning. Sod’s Law! There was some cumulus cloud build up during the day, but it remained clear enough to see the stars at night. They are absolutely brilliant up here.

After breakfast, John did some share arranging, going to the phone to call our broker and buy a tech stock he likes, with the improbable name of Sausage Works. He used his “share” of the proceeds from the Telstra ones I sold.

He refuelled Truck – still 81cpl.

I cleaned the van out, made lunch, wiped the dust from yesterday from the interior Truck surfaces – there was lots of it!

We went for a drive up the Bunyeroo Valley. Drove back to the main road, turned north (the road is unsealed from this point)  and a few kms on, took the Bunyeroo Track to the left. We stopped at the Yanyanna old stock yards and huts and looked around, before continuing on.

05-12-1999 01 heysen range from stock yard and huts

Outlook at the old stock yards and huts – Yanyanna

This part of the Flinders has got to be the most scenic part of the whole area – there are superb, panoramic views from lookouts and road bends along the road to the Gorge.

05-12-1999 02 Bunyeroo panorama RHS

ABC and Heysen Ranges from a lookout on the Bunyeroo Gorge Track

05-12-1999 04 bunyeroo rd and heysen range.jpg

The Bunyeroo Gorge Track and the Heysen Range

We ate lunch down in the bottom of the valley, beside Bunyeroo Creek. Did some bird spotting.

John used the Radphone – which he’d arrranged to have connected again, from yesterday, to call both brother C and sister H. He was pleased that the HF radio seems to be working well. It was a good, clear connection. We will be relying on it more and more, now.

I was looking for the walking track along the Bunyeroo Gorge, and couldn’t find it. Turned out we were not far enough along – it was annoying. My map did not seem all  that accurate.

Eventually we drove along a bit further, parked Truck, and walked for an hour south along the Wilcolo Track. This was pleasant walking, initially beside a creek bed, then through an area of cypress pines. There were excellent view of the Heysen Range, to start.

05-12-1999 07 Bunyeroo Wilcolo walk.jpg

Cypress pines growing along the Wilcolo Track. Despite its width, there is no public vehicle access.

At the end of an hour we turned and retraced the way, and then the views of the ABC Range were great. As we walked, we saw kangaroos, goats and emus. Stopped periodically to look for birds. All up, we walked about 7kms.

05-12-1999 09 walk track bunyeroo wilcolo tk - st marys peak.jpg

Late afternoon on the Wilcolo Track

Drove back to Truck the way we had come. Got back to camp about 5.30pm. We drove 63kms today.

The hot shower was very welcome.

Tea was pumpkin soup, beef stroganoff with pasta.

John was not as tired tonight and sat up late playing his alpha centauri game. I went to bed quite early.

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